New Girl

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
New Girl

My name is Irene, im new in school and this guy called Josh just look at me every time. After old waman xxxgx josh's football practice... he walked to me when i'm reading a book. "wanna go out?" he asked. "look, i did not like u at ALL" i replied. josh walked to his friend and said " i dont understand, EVERY girls in this school like me.. even the teachers." he said to his friend, Mark. "u should trick her, that's how i do with my ex." he replied josh with a "duhhhh" look. "my new goal: fuck the /new/new-girl/">new girl" josh whispers to himslef. after school, i walked out of the building with my long /blonde/">blonde curly hair on my shoulder.

I saw josh sitting on the bench, i ignore him and when i walked pass him...he stopped me. "what" i asked. "umm...Lexi told me 2 give u this." said Josh. "what is it." i said. "a b-day invitation." Josh replied. "okay. thnx." i said. when i arrived... its an apartment and when i went inside... josh was sitting down with his top on the sofa. i walked in and said, "where's Lexi? and why is ur top on the sofa?". "im been tricking u." he said. "what?" i asked in a really nervous voice. josh shut me up with a smooth kiss. before i could stop him, i felt relaxing.he carries me to his bathroom and lay me down on the counter. Joshua (Josh) took of my shirt. i pull down his pant and /underwear/">underwear. i lick his dick bokep sma pecah perawan and i swallow it.

Joshua moans. i kiss him...and he could taste his own dick. he then took off my bra and my mini skirts. he also took off my undies. he put his dick deep in my pussy. "a...harde..r.." i whispers. then after a while... i suddenly shouted "IM CUMMING!!!!!!" then the cum is dripping out of my pussy. joshua took his dick out and put it in my mouth. my cum taste kinda salty. he spread my leg and lower his head to lick my pussy. the first one was smooth when the second is sooo rough. then i jump up. "did i hurt u?" joshua asked. "yes...2 deep..." i scold him. then he carries my into the bath tub. i was sitting on him with his dish poking my ass. he squeeze my boobs and twisted my nipples. i moaned.

Josua then leaned foward to kiss my neck.my hair was so long what when i put it on 1 shoulder (sitting).. it touches the ground. he then lick my neck. "aaa... harder baby." i cried. i turned around facing him sitting down, he lower his head and bite my tit. he kept doing it until it turned hard. then its my turn, i push his head forward and kiss him. 1 hand on his hair and 1 on his cheeks. i lick his tongue and share him my saliva. then it was 5:45. i got dressed and left.

A couple of days later. i found josh at the cafeteria at school. i sat next to him. then i winked at him and i whispers: "look at Tom." joshua looked at tom. he was starting a food fight. after a while every1 was throwing foods. well.... except for me and joshua. i secretly kiss him when no one is looking. i guess he was feeling good. after school, i winked at him and went home with him to fuck.