Friends Daughter

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Friends Daughter

100% fiction!

I had arrange to call at Catherine flat on my way back from a meeting to catch train and fix it for her. Her husband was away working in Europe so she asked me on arrival if I wanted to share a take away whilst there and I said fine.

She was looking stunning as usual and she had a reputation of fucking any available cock. I had spent about half an hour and was ready to test her system was working. I worked things through and by mistake hit the history button which immediately took my view as it was a list of ten porn blowjob porn videos DVD items and she was appearing in them all being fucked by all shapes and sizes of cock. I was so engrossed that I did not see her come up behind me until her hands rested on my shoulder. I said sorry and she just said don't be I am not bothered but please don't let my mother know her /daughter/">daughter earns money making these.

I agreed and as I stood up my cock was rock hard, she smiled and said you look in need my mum has told me you are the biggest she has seen. I nodded as she bent down and released my exploding cock. She quickly removed her clothes and said she was right please fuck me with it. Had her /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples in my mouth milf porn videos and she said don't worry I am on the pill I entered her soaking clit and after a few minutes fully filled her with my /boner/">boner.

I increased my speed until I could last no longer and inject my cum inside her. We repeated the session after our food when she thanked me and said she understood why her mother told her about fucking her best friends man how could any woman resist such a cock.

I visit her each visit to town.