3 girls

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3 girls

I was out to dinner with my wife's friend Jenni and her friend Lara who was in town from California. My wife was out of town in Atlanta at a convention and asked me to take the girls out to eat while Lara was in town. We decided to go out downtown and stopped at a bar before dinner.

Jenni and Lara were both looking pretty hot all done up to go out that night. Jenni is a 5"8 with medium length hair and great eyes. Lara is also a brunette, about 5"5 with shoulder length hair and sexy brown eyes. Jenni had on a sexy pair of jeans that made her ass look really good. Her top was a green tube top that showed off her tan shoulders. Lara had on a little white mini skirt with a light blue tank top with thin spaghetti straps.
We sat down at the bar to have a few drinks, the girls had cosmopolitans, while I had a vodka and tonic. After the second drink, Jenni wanted to do a shot of vodka, so I ordered them up and we brought the shot glasses together for a toast.

Jenni: "This is for the night ahead"
Lara: "Yes, for the three of us"

We did the shot and the girls were starting to get a little frisky, putting their hands on my legs and "accidentally" rubbing their legs against mine. I didn't mind it of course and thought nothing of it. We were leaving to go to eat and Jenni dropped her keys on the way out, I was right behind her and watched as she bent over in front of me, showing her tight jean-covered ass to me. She seemed to pause as she picked up the keys, because she knew I was looking at it. As she rose back up she turned and smiled at me, which made me kind of stop in my tracks.

The three of us walked down the street to the Italian restaurant that they wanted to go to, the girls were walking a little bit ahead of me. They seemed to be giggling quite a bit to each other and whispering under their breath. We sat down and ordered, the food came shortly after, linguini with clams for me, pasta and shrimp for Jenni and Lara had lasagna.
The food was very good and I we were having a good time, the girls finished their food and Lara excused herself to go to the ladies room. Jenni slid down next to me and put her hand on my leg. She thanked me for taking them out to dinner and said that they both enjoyed having me with them. I told her I was having an amazing time and that we could go out after dinner or do whatever they wanted to do.

Jenni: "We were thinking about going back to my apartment and hanging out there"

Dan: "I am cool with that"

Lara came back, I paid the bill and we left to go back to Jenni's. We got back to Jenni's and had another drink, all of us were getting pretty drunk and were looking for something to watch on T.V. Lara looked through Jenni's DVD collection and found some porn that was hiding behind one of the movies.

Lara: "Jenni, what is this?"
Jenni: "It's a porn that I watch from time to time to get really turned on."
Jenni: "Put it on if you want to check it out."

Lara put the porn in and we continued drinking and talking about sex and sexual positions.

Lara: "See Jenni, I love giving blowjobs like that girl is, on my knees in front of the guy."
Jenni: "I like it when he is on his back and I can really go straight down at his cock."
Me: "I like any way the girl likes it."

Lara was rubbing her tits a little, obviously excited from the conversation and the movie. My cock was starting to stiffen as Jenni started to do the same to her boobs. Lara stood up slid her top over her head and threw it down on the ground, she was standing in front of us with her white strapless bra on. She couldn't stop staring at my pants as my cock started to rise up against my jeans. Lara walked over and bent over in front of me, her mini-skirt rode up her legs and exposed her white that was beneath. I couldn't help myself and pushed the rest of her mini-skirt up above her hips, giving me a great view of her .

She stood back up and turned around so she was facing me and unhooked her bra. Her 34B tits were exposed now and she pushed them together and pulled her nipples with her fingers. Her tits were perfect round globes that were just begging to be sucked on. I would have to wait though, Jenni was starting to touch her xnxxv sunny leone video pussy through her jeans and was moaning a little as she rubbed it. Lara went over to Jenni and helped her take her jeans off. Lara pulled them completely off and placed her hand on Jenni's ass, as she had turned on her stomach. Jenni's thong was bright blue and parted her ass with perfection, I wanted to fuck her right then and there, but had to restrain myself as the girls were obviously enjoying each other.

Jenni: "Lara take my thong off for me"
Lara: "Why doesn't Dan do it?"
Jenni: "Good idea, Dan come over here and take this off for me, it is really restricting my pussy right now."

I went over and go behind Jenni on the couch and started to slip off her thong. I got it below her knees and and tossed it on the floor. Jenni told me to check on a bump on her leg, which I couldn't see.

Dan: "I don't see anything her, where is it?"
Jenni: "A little higher"

I worked my head and eyes a little higher up her leg and all of sudden Jenni sprung her hips back toward my face and buried my face in her pussy. I had fallen for her trick, but couldn't say anything about it as I ate her pussy in and out. I grabbed her hips and hoisted her a little higher so I could get at her clit. I placed my tongue right on her clit and worked it around in a circle, she loved it and was grinding her pussy into me and then started to buck her hips as she neared orgasm.

Jenni: "Oh fuck!....Yes"Yes".Yes"..YESSSSSSSS!"

Lara had Jenni stand up after I stopped right before she came completely and helped Jenni take her tube top off. Jenni wasn't wearing a bra and Lara went to work immediately on licking and sucking her tits. Jenni's tits are 34Bs like Lara's, they were also round like Lara's with tiny nipples that Lara was paying extra attention to. I got up and had Lara bend over so I could get access to her pussy as well. I removed her thong and spread her legs wide as she continued to suck on Jenni's breasts. The second I started licking her cunt, she started moaning and spread her legs even wider, giving me access to every inch of her . Jenni, pulled Lara off her tits and slid up the couch so her pussy was now in the same spot her chest was. Lara spread her legs and picked up where I left off with Jenni, burying her face in Jenni's clean shaven pussy. I was continuing to lick Lara's pussy, when she put her finger up by her , pointing her finger at it. I got the idea and spread her ass cheeks open and licked her ass up and down. She squealed in enjoyment as her asshole became moist from my tongue. It made her work Jenni's pussy even more passionately, pushing two of her fingers inside of her. I stopped working Lara over, stood up and took all of my clothes off. The girls stopped what they were doing and stared as I lowered my boxers to the floor. My cock was now fully erect and it was also shaven, which made the girls even more horny. Lara and Jenni had me lay on my back and they both went to work on me. Jenni grabbed my cock with her hand and started to stroke it slowly. Lara pulled her hair back and lowered her mouth onto the head of my cock. She licked the head, while Jenni worked my shaft up and down, I could hardly hold my cum inside. Jenni let go and licked my balls, while Lara really sucked my cock with a fervor. After a few minutes of dick and ball sucking, Jenni came up and took over for Lara, licking my shaft and deep throating my cock multiple times. Lara lowered her pussy down onto my face and allowed me to suck on her smooth pussy once again. When I was about to cum, Jenni swallowed my cock and let me shoot me load down her throat. I could feel ropes of cum shooting out of my cock and down her throat, she didn't let off of my dick until I was finished. Jenni let go of my cock with her mouth and went over to Lara and sucked on her tits, while I continued to eat Lara's pussy clean.

Jenni: "Dan, do you want to fuck us?"
Lara: "Yea, I need to get fucked!"
Dan: "Well, get on your knees and bend over."

They obeyed and slowly bent over, displaying there pussies for me at the end of the couch. I told them to hang on to the couch, because they were going to really get fucked. I moved my cock over to Jenni's vagina and it immediately became hard again as I placed it on the edge of her waiting pussy. I worked it all the way in and pushed it in and out as she screamed and moaned.

Jenni: "Ooooh".Yes".Oh"Oh"Oh".Oh"Fuck Yeah!"

Lara was fingering herself while she was waiting, so I pulled out of Jenni and drove my dick into Lara's wet pussy. She loved it, moving her hips in time with my thrusts, she loved it hard and fast and wanted more.

Lara: ""Yes!....Fuck yeah".harder"harder".harder".Yessssssss!"

Jenni grabbed a bottle KY lube that she had on the table, opened the cap and squirted a whole bunch of it onto Lara's ass. I pried open Lara's tight ass cheeks and had Jenni squirt even more around her asshole. I worked it in and around her ass, making her butt cheeks glisten with all of the lube on it. I was still slowly fucking her, while I started to push my thumb against her tight little asshole, she loved it and wanted me to do more.

Lara: "Push your thumb in Dan".ooooh yeah".ooooooooh".fuck yeah!"

I kept working my thumb in and out as she rammed her pussy against my cock, making her pussy super wet. Jenni, who was just watching, placed herself in front of Lara on all fours and spread her back into Lara's mouth and lips. Lara grabbed Jenni's hips and started eating her pussy, while I continued to finger her ass and fuck her doggystyle. Lara had now grabbed the KY and squirted in all over Jenni's ass and pussy and then buried her face in her ass and licked out her taut little hole.

I pulled my thumb out of Lara's ass and tried to replace it with my cock, she was so tight that I could only get the head in. As I was about to push the head in further, we heard Jenni's door open, we all stopped what we were doing and turned to see who it was. In walked Jenni's younger sister Keri, who was 24, she was a bit startled by seeing all of us naked over by the couch. real forced anal against her will

Keri: "What's going on here guys?"
Dan: "Hey Keri, we are just talking and watching some movies"
Jenni: "Yeah, one thing led to another and our clothes just happen to come off as well."
Lara: "Why don't you come over here and check it out."

Keri walked over and while she did I got a good look at her. It had been a few years since I had seen her, she was about 5"6, 115 lbs and was as hot as her sister. She was wearing a pair of tight workout shorts and a tank top that was just as form fitting. She reached the couch and couldn't stop staring at my cock that had gone a little limp, but was still harder than normal.

Jenni: "Why don't you sit down and relax, Keri"
Keri: "O.K., what should I do now?"
Lara: "You just let us handle that."

With that Lara began to run her hands up and down Keri's legs and hips and started to work down Keri's shorts. She got them just past her thighs when I got a great look at Keri's ultra smooth pussy. It was tight and tan, ready for someone's tongue to lick it. That someone was Lara who tossed the shorts on the floor and spread open Keri's legs. Keri laid back and put her hand on Lara's head as Lara ate her pussy with tongue and mouth. Lara made her squirm when she parted her lips and concentrated on licking Keri's clit.

Jenni very gently brought down Keri's tank top straps and exposed the 36C tan breasts that were similar to her sister's, only bigger. Jenni softly licked the pink nipples that were nice and firm from all of the stimulation.

Keri: "Dan come over here, I need your cock in my mouth."

I walked over to her and she reached out and grabbed my dick with her hand and stroked it until it was fully erect once more. I leaned in and she wrapped her lips around my penis and sucked it amazingly, she worked the head with her tongue and then would swallow the whole thing in her mouth and down her throat.

I couldn't handle it so I pulled out and had Jenni and Lara move away from Keri. I picked Keri up off the ground and lifted her high over my head, bringing her pussy back down onto my face, as she wrapped her legs around my neck. She was so clean, I discovered as I ate out every inch of her pussy. I let her back down and she bent over on the ground, I pushed her head down to the ground and she arched her ass up into the air. My cock was ready to explode as I pushed it all the way into her waiting cunt.

Keri: "Fuck me".Fuck me".oh"..oh"fuck..fuck..fuck"yeahhhhhhh!"

I pulled out of her and Keri's mouth was right there to accept my cock once more. She deep throated me one more time and swallowed all of my cum as I shot it down her throat.
Lara and Jenni were playing with each other's pussies and tits and wanted more. They both stood up and squirted a little lube on each other's asses, Lara laid on the couch with her ass in the air. Jenni got on the other side and laid on her back. Keri went over to Lara and started returning the favor by licking her pussy until she was wet again. I grabbed Jenni's legs and threw them over her head. She had a big smile on her face as I guided my cock into her pussy. I gave her pussy a few quick thrusts and pulled out. I repositioned it right next to her tight asshole, she let me put the head in, which took a few minutes, and then let me push the last 5 inches in. I went slow at first before she wanted me to quicken the pace.

Jenni: " Dan"fuck it"oh yeah..fuck it".harder".harder!"

I had her nearly vertical at this point with her head on the couch. Her asshole had stretched out enough for me to pull out and then thrust all of my cock back in. She loved it and that started a wave of orgasm after orgasm.

Jenni: "Yes..yes".yesssssss".yesssssss"fuck yes".fuckkkkkk!"

I let Jenni finish her last orgasm before I pulled out and walked over to Lara who was more than ready after Keri had not only ate her pussy, but had fingered her ass.
Lara: "Put that in my ass!"

I obliged and rammed all 6 inches all the way in at once, she was quite a bit looser now from Keri's expert work. I got on top of her and pounded her ass as hard as I could, flattening Lara's ass cheeks with every move. Keri had lined up next to Lara and put her ass in the air once more. I knew what she wanted, so I pulled out of Lara and threw my cock into Keri's super-tight ass. It was heaven, while Lara laid there next to her waiting another turn. I went back over to Lara and fucked her once more before she shook with another orgasm. I needed to finish, so I picked Keri off the ground and set her ass down on my cock. She bounced up and down giving her ass a pounding every trip down my dick. I sucked on her tits while she did this and brought her back down and stuffed my cock into her pussy once more. I was close to shooting my load, so I called Jenni and Lara over and they got on the sides of Keri's pussy, I pulled out of her and let Jenni suck my cock until I released her and shot my load into Lara's mouth.

We all sat there in amazement about what had just gone on and told ourselves that this would have to continue at some other time.